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A one-to-one approach
At Finlay Jude Associates Ltd we are genuinely interested in your career and care about the people we work with. We understand that your candidate experience is more important than ever and we are here to support you every step of the way, no matter what sector of experience you work in

It’s all about the people.

Spending time getting to know you
We pride ourselves on getting to really know our candidates; we spend time talking, listen to your needs, understand your expectations, motivations and career desires, recognise your skill set and establish your cultural fit. Our ongoing presence and honesty creates long standing relationships which are built on trust and from this we earn loyalty and work with many of our candidates for years.

Additional advantages and extras for you
Finlay Jude Associates Ltd continually recognise, thank and show appreciation to the people we work with.

Other additional extras include:

• Office hours: Monday to Friday 08.00 – 5:30 but always available even at weekends
• We coach and support individuals and offer impartial advice which are essential for your development and career transition within your industry
• Continuous appraisals and reviews
• Flexible payroll methods
• We offer advice on employment status, legislation and industry news