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Temporary Recruitment

Since its establishment, Finlay Jude Associates Ltd has been supplying temporary and contract workers to clients in a variety of sectors throughout the UK. Securing the best talent for in-demand roles, our industry-leading recruitment consultants work to ensure that temporary and contract workers support your business, whenever and wherever they are needed, whether it is an ad-hoc booking or a long-term assignment.

We have a database of fully registered, referenced and appropriately vetted workers ready for assignment, even at short notice. Finlay Jude Associates Ltd has strict compliance processes, risk and quality procedures, and ensure that our workers have the appropriate authorisations and licenses to work in the UK.

This is how it works:
Finlay Jude Associates Ltd engages temporary workers under a variety of different contract types to suits the needs of your requirement, although generally they will be under your direction and control while on assignment. We pay the temporary workers weekly and then invoice you once the work is complete at end of each week. We will also be responsible for the workers tax and NI deductions, managing paid leave and helping to establish a productive relationship between you and the worker on a day-to-day basis.

You will be allocated an experienced Consultant, who will contact you for an in-depth discussion to ascertain your specific requirements.

Proactive Candidate attraction strategy:

•Start of the art Website
•A number of well-known and proven candidate attraction job boards
•Social Media
•Industry leading database
•Candidate referrals and recommendations

Screening & Selection:
Suitable candidates are called for initial telephone screening, matching their skills, fit and commitment to the specified criteria. Suitable candidates will
complete a full registration process.

Reference, Ticket and Certification Checking:
Comprehensive checks are carried out and the following information is held on our database;

•Full CV
•Proof of ID and eligibility to work in the UK (including Work Permit, if required)
•Water Hygiene and NRSWA cards
•Any other work-related certificates
•Recent work references

Confirmation and Follow up:
Once a candidate has been confirmed, you will receive the relevant paperwork to sign off and our consultant will check the candidate in on their first morning and maintain regular contact throughout the booking. At the end of the assignment you will be asked to complete a candidate appraisal form to enable us to obtain feedback on their general performance

Finlay Jude Associates Ltd makes it simple and efficient!